Writer's Block

November 2011 Release

Maxx Watts is no stranger to murder.  As a Fort Worth homicide detective, he has smelled death often.  But this murder was twisted.  A dead publisher lying face-down on a bloddied manuscript, the marble paperweight beside him labeled Writer's Block.  All evidence points to The Guillotine Press authors, but determining which one is only the beginning for Watts.

A Mountain of Mystery Lies Under

Diablo's Shadow

Released September, 2008

Advertising executive Randy Connifer adored his six-year-old daughter, Kerri.  He yearned to be with her, but his estranged wife's court order limited their time together to Wednesday mornings and every other weekend.  Making the most of it, Randy and Kerri looked forward to their walks through Redwood Regional Park; Kerr's cherished spot.  When Randy picked her up that particular Wenesday morning, Kerri was determined to reach the lookout bench, bouyed by the thought of seeing snow on Mount Diablo.  Randy sensed that someone was watching them, but failed to act on his instincts.  All of a sudden, Kerri sprinted ahead, knowing that Randy couldn't keep pace.  She disappeared around a blind curve without a trace.  That single moment of inattention changed Randy's world forever.

In the spirit of of Danger Within and The Innocent Never Knew, Diablo's Shadow takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through a parent's worst nightmare.

"Diablo's Shadow is written with such passion that the reader is drawn into the story, so much so that they might feel regret they cannot be part of the volunteer search party.  It is a story filled with aspiration, indignation, panic, anxiety, and fear, all emotions that make a good suspense novel better.  But there is also a very personal aspect, with love and hate, accusation and forgiveness.  This is a superb, amazing, and breathtaking story, but these superlative adjectives do not adequately convey how powerful this novel is."

          Mysterious Reviews

"Mark Danielson has crafted a poignant and powerful story of parental love after a young girl goes missing.  Readers will find themselves rooted to the pages through a rollercoaster of emotions.  You won't be able to put it down!"

          Christine Goff, bestselling author of the Birdwatcher's Mystery Series.

"Diablo's Shadow is a deftly written mystery novel, sure to please fans."

          Midwest Book Review

"This story sticks with you, long after you've finished reading it."

          R.T. Lawton, author, The Twin Brothers Bail Bond Series

"A powerful story of loss, suspicion, and renewal.  I lost some sleep over this one."

          Ben F. Small, author, Alibi On Ice and The Olive Horseshoe